Police are investigating the reason behind death in another attempted “double suicide” in a hotel room this week, even following a couple in their 60s were discovered unconscious Tuesday morning. The girl had been declared dead, although the guy taken to the hospital in serious illness for critical operation and was.

Emergency services were called to the Renaissance Hotel in Tel Aviv after employees found the couple lying near a clear suicide note on the mattress.

Magen David Adom paramedics took the guy, 65 and declared the 60-year-old girl dead in the scene. A spokesman for the hospital had been undergoing surgery and said he had been in serious but stable condition.

Police said in a statement that “the circumstances of the incident haven’t yet been described” and confirmed they had opened an investigation.

A police spokesperson said that although the investigation was currently not being treated as a murder, “nothing has been ruled out in the present time.”

Baruch Indig (L) and Odelia Bachar. (Facebook)

The incident comes just three days following a couple in their twenties were discovered dead in a hotel room in Eilat under circumstances that are similar. Staff in the Herod’s Hotel on Sunday of the southern city discovered that the bodies of Odelia Bachar lying around the bed in their area along with a suicide note in their own titles and Baruch Indig.

On Tuesday, that the High Court postponed a police autopsy of Indig and Bachar, requiring that the petition of their ultra-Orthodox families from the transfer and giving police just 24 hours to prove they’ve a living suspect in their deaths.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told Israel’s Times that the Eilat and Tel Aviv instances were being treated as isolated incidents and there was nothing which pointed to a connection. “That having been said,” he added, “we have seen past instances of copycat incidents which might well be a factor here.”

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