Nupur Saraswat
Nupur Saraswat. Pic/Nupur Saraswat’s FB webpage

If you thought that patriarchy in India is gradually waning, think again. In a recent episode a 22-year-old  performer, Nupur Saraswat, had been denied permission to remain in a Hyderabad hotel because she had been one woman traveling alone.

In a record by , Nupur Saraswat was traveling about India for her shows and had booked her live in Hotel Deccan Erragadda, Hyderabad using Goibibo. The 22-year-old, came in the hotel on Saturday morning only to find that she was not allowed to stay in the area she’d booked and confirmed for herself. In a Facebook post, Nupur wrote, ” I am standing outside a hotel in Hyderabad that did not allow me to stay because they realized that I had been a “single woman” even after affirming the internet booking.” The post moved viral with over 1000 stocks and 1600 reactions.

Nupur then went on to find out about the hotels policy that said ‘single girls not allowed’ and questioned travel portal Goibio on how her reservation was accepted though the hotel had such a policy set.

Nupur Saraswat's FB post
Nupur Saraswat’s FB post

The website then quoted Nupur as saying that a representative by Goibibo had reached out to her and assured her that they’d look into the incident. In addition they put up her in a complimentary stay in a different hotel that allowed single women in its assumptions. Reacting to the article, Gioibibo CEO Ashish Kashyap shared with a announcement on Twitter that said they take these issues very seriously and have unlisted the hotel pending evaluation.

The Goibibo announcement also had an answer from the hotel that justifies it is policy by saying that the locality was not safe for girls to stay, and that no other hotel in the exact same area would allow single women to stay.

Goibibo statement
Goibibo announcement

In reply, Nupur raised an issue that supersedes filters and booking platforms. In a Facebook post she said: “I wish to find a safer space for women who travel alone.”

“Additionally, there are those who have attempted to silence this by asking “why are you really creating a fuss if it is clearly mentioned in the policy?” . Well I am making a fuss because I am not ready to settle. I am not ready to live from the fear of my security anymore. I am not ready to have an entire system push me till I “find a man to journey with”

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