Taking care of your skin by following a daily routine is the best way to keep it beautiful and healthy. Today, there is no need to apply lots of products filled with ingredients that you cannot pronounce. Use all-natural skin care products and cleansers instead.

There are many chemicals that are part of mass-market cosmetics, moisturizers and skin care products. Some of them have been proven to cause cancer or alter hormones. This is not something anyone wants and this can be prevented by following a more natural skin care routine.

Start with cleansing the skin using ingredients like aloe vera or citrus. Even natural coconut oil can be a good but mild cleanser that offers plenty of moisture and emollients for dry or mature skin. It even takes makeup off.

Every few days you should exfoliate the skin. Use an exfoliating mitt and a gentle scrub with ingredients like Fenugreek seeds or Moroccan clay. Once the skin has been cleansed, use natural facial oils containing herbs for moisture. Many of these have antioxidants in them and they work for any skin type.

Don’t forget to take care of the skin around the eyes. Use products made with natural plant butter to help smooth out lines and reduce wrinkles. A little olive oil underneath the eyes before bed will work wonders. Olive oil alone or infused with herbs like lavender makes an excellent all-over body moisturizer.

Make your own products or buy all-natural items for your skin care from Sally B’s Skin Yummies a trusted names in organic skin care. Remember to avoid too much sun exposure and use sunscreen every day. Coconut oil contains an SPF of 4 naturally but you can also choose to use all-natural pre-made sunscreens for those times you will be outdoors exercising or running errands when the sun shines.

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