Among the most ‘wow’ resorts in Manchester – Hotel Gotham – was named the Coolest Non-London Venue in the 2018 COOL Venue Awards.

So it puts Manchester to be cool on the map, right?

It’s another honour to add to its growing collection — this resort keeps on winning the awards!

It recently picked up the  prize for Coolest Boutique Hotel in the 2016 COOL awards, and it was also  named Best Boutique Hotel in the 2017 Manchester Awards, Best Luxury Hotel in the 2017 Greatest Stay Awards, and also among the Best 100 British Hotels according to the Sunday Times.   It’s been awarded two rosettes by the AA.

You will fight to miss it if you head around the very top of King Street, near Rosso. It the most gorgeous Art Deco building in the city,

Hotel Gotham opened in April 2015 after a revolutionary face-lift  that transformed it into what’s been known as ‘the most sexy hotel of Europe.’

As the building was previously an old bank, the resort plays this throughout the inside and decoration topics. You will see   banking references in each corner of the resort, from the bowler hats and briefcases, into the typewriters that line the walls, even the submitting cabinet service drawers and also the  Gotham Bugle — the resorts’s very own newspaper that is clearly modelled on the Financial Times.  

The exceptional bedrooms feature moneybag-style laundry bags and gold ingot toiletry displays.

If you turn up in the spa, you will notice an immaculately dressed doorman at a bowler hat. It out of the previous days, where things were done ‘correctly’.

This art deco hotel has 55 rooms and 5 Inner Sanctum Suitescalled following pay homeage and an iconic Manchester figure to the Manchester skyline that was exquisite.   And within the rooms, you’ll experience   buckled belts , vintage suitcases, feather beds and apparel boxes that will transport you back.

We are not surprised it has been to be COOL, award.  

It is also home to some club known as the Club Brass, a members only floor VIP lounge. If you can not wangle your way in, there is also Honey, the other club and pub.   It’s certain you to try out for certain…

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