Nothing is quite as much fun as planning a birthday party for a child. From deciding on a theme to picking out decorations, the planning process can be almost as exciting as the party itself. Here are some fun girls party ideas that you may want to consider:

1. A fairy party. Most little girls are enchanted by the idea of fairies. These magical little creatures capture the imagination and make anything seem possible. If a special little girl in your life is enamored with fairies, throwing a fairy-themed birthday party can be a lot of fun. You can transform each of the party guests into a tiny little fairy by handing out fairy wings and magic wands when they arrive. Add a fairy themed birthday cake for the perfect finishing touch.

2. A unicorn party. Unicorns are also extremely popular with little girls. You can tap into their love of these beautiful creatures by planning the party around a unicorn theme. Instead of playing pin the tail on the donkey, opt for a game of pin the horn on the unicorn. Make pointy party hats out of glittery paper that look like unicorn horns for the party guests to wear. Rather than serving a cake, serve cupcakes with upside down ice cream cones on top to mimic the look of unicorn horns.

3. A dinosaur party. Although dinosaurs are often associated with boys, girls love them, too. Make a cake that looks like a giant volcano and put toy dinosaurs around it. Using paper and glue, add stegosaurus spines to the back of brightly colored party hats. Finish off by buying a dinosaur shaped piƱata that the guests can take turns swinging at. check out this website to get more theme party ideas.

Hopefully, these birthday party ideas for girls give you some ideas that you can use for your own party. Don’t forget to ask the child that you are planning the party for what theme they like the most.

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