If you live in London, you are probably aware that 020 is very important. It is the national dialing code. This is designed for people that live in Greater London, and several other areas that are in neighboring communities. If you are not from London, you wouldn’t know that it was also used by the foreign and Commonwealth office. It affects over hundred million people that have phone numbers, and is used by well over 100 telephone exchanges. See here the history of this number and how it applies to people that are in London right now.

How Did This Get Started?

Many people wonder how this all got started. You have to go back to when the first exchange was introduced. Subscribers in London would call each other, and this would be part of an automatic or manual local exchange. It wasn’t until 1927 that significant changes began to occur. By 1934, there were 147 exchanges. As you approach 1960, the London Heathrow Airport also became part of this. However, it was in 1922 when the first three digits were represented with pneumonic characters. This later led to 020 being used.

How It Works Today

Other than roughly 6 boroughs and 18 exchanges that do not use 020, almost everyone in the greater London area does. This was a huge part of what was called the Big Number Change, which was quite a big deal because instead of seven digits for phone numbers, it was suddenly eight. Hopefully changes will not occur anytime soon. NET Telco offers 020 numbers service because people are very used to using 020 when dialing London numbers . It is something that has worked for many years, and hopefully it will continue to do so as it will make it easier on people in London that make calls every day.

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