The Internet of Things has revolutionized how we access information. It has completely remade the marketing and retail landscape. A marketing guru or advertising person from only a generation ago (think the era of ‘Mad Men’) would recognize the drivers behind buying behavior, but the channels and the way that businesses find and retain their customers would have had those very experts shaking their heads.

Nowhere is this situation truer in the food and beverage industry. Those who own or manage restaurants and other retailers that face the public have to continually scan the environment and get under the skin of their existing and potential customers. They need to know psychological drivers, demographics and new channels that allow them to get those behinds of seats – or at least ordering takeout.

Nowhere is the competition for these customers more fierce than in megacities such as London. Here competition is cut throat. A successful restaurant can be here and gone tomorrow. And the challenge is that classic above the line adverting doesn’t work as well as it used to in this crowded and Internet-driven marketplace.

This is why many restaurant owners and operators in London are turning to public relations companies to ensure that they reach their target audiences. Magazine advertising and billboards are no longer the flavors of the moment. Instead, restaurants need to get people when they want the information – via social media and via other influences such as bloggers and review sites. Messaging has to be on point.

Public relations companies react more quickly than traditional advertising agencies. They can sculpt a Twitter or Facebook campaign in a morning and have it rolling out by lunch. In a world where speed and focus are essential restaurant pr London agencies are rapidly taking the high ground in assisting food and beverage operations to outperform the competition.

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