Airlines have different rules and regulations regarding delayed flight compensation. When it comes to EasyJet, they are rather straightforward when it comes to their guidelines. For example, they only provide compensation to customers whose flights were delayed for 3+ hours. That may seem like the standard, but I saw one chart for another company that provided compensation for delays less than three hours. Check out website to learn more about claim criteria.

However, if you think about it, that’s not that big of a stipulation if you are just waiting out a delay. Now if your flight is outright canceled, then you have to start thinking about calling the credit card company. Plus you have to make other travel plans. What if the airline couldn’t get you on another flight soon enough? What are they willing to offer you?

It is definitely up to you to claim whatever is owed to you if you have a flight delay or flight cancellation with EasyJet that needs to be settled. It is important to note that when it comes to flight delays, they do provide compensation for two-hour delays under certain circumstances. It has to do with the distance of the flight being less than 1500 kilometers. Now, what type of compensation is provided by EasyJet?

They will offer you refreshment vouchers when you have to wait three hours and remember two hours in some cases. Did you think that it was going to be a monetary compensation? They do say they will put you in a hotel overnight if the delay is longer and provide a refund if your flight is canceled. That actually sounds spot on, but there are all these tips out there about getting much better compensation from the airlines, to the tune of 700 dollars. Is it possible to get 700 dollars with an EasyJet flight delay compensation claim?

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