Are you still looking for office space to rent in Hackney, or are you just working to set up your space efficiently? If you still need to get the right space, you will still have your setup in mind as you look at different properties. Are you going to buy or rent?

You will find plenty of choices for office space in Hackney, whether you are buying or renting. If you are just now getting your business off the ground, consider renting so that you have the ability to double check your calls on location and many other aspects of the place you have chosen.

Belchak Corin gives some tips for helping to set up your office space creatively for when you do have the property rented or purchased. Have you noticed that the lighting for many offices can be drab? Listen, every office employee would love to step outside and dance in the sun. On the flip side, you can’t have so much sun coming in that people can’t see the work on the screens of their devices. That being said, get creative with the lighting in your office, and one good general rule of thumb is to make sure you use as much natural lighting as possible.

You also need to make use of color. You want to energize the office staff, and you also want to maximize productivity. Where can you add some color? While you want to do this, you also don’t want to overdo it. You want a professional office space and not a kindergarten classroom.

Also, how else can you bring more of the outdoor elements into your office indoors? One way you can do this is by keeping plants in the office. Do you have a place to set up a fountain? Start with these helpful tips for setting up a creative office, and work from there.

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